Student run through the hallways at Drummond as a reward

Fourth grader Marcus Young was running through the hallways at Drummond Elementary today, but he earned the chance to break the rules by following the rules.

Every month, students with 95% or higher attendance are invited to participate in a HERO event. HERO, standing for Here Everyday Ready On-Time, encourages students to be at school by providing an incentive.

“They were thrilled over the moon to be doing this annual event,” counselor Melissa Reynolds said. “The students have been asking about it since we returned to school.”

In-person HERO Events will take place every two weeks in order to give students multiple opportunities to be celebrated for positive attendance. The first celebration of the month will be done by the classroom teacher and the second will be organized by building administrators and the counseling team. Planned celebrations include a Treat Cart on April 15 and a Block Party with sidewalk chalk and music on May 14.

The school is also honoring Villemade students for attendance and online engagement.

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