Pattonville moves to new reporting for some grades

Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, Pattonville will begin using Empower Learning’s learning management system (LMS) to report student progress in kindergarten through fifth grades. The platform will also be used for students in Holman Middle School’s Pirate Academy and middle school students at Remington Traditional School.

Empower replaces letter-based report cards with an online reporting system that provides better insight into students’ progress in mastering grade-level skills, concepts and subject matter (learning targets). Pattonville has developed learning targets that drill down to the specific skills and knowledge students need to master at each grade level, and Empower enables parents, students and parents to view, in real-time, how their student’s learning is progressing on each of those specific skills. Teachers and students are able to identify where a student is on their learning path and set goals for ongoing learning. Specific learning targets are marked as Mastered (MAS), In-Progress (I), or Getting Started (GS) along a student’s individual learning path since not all students are working on the same content at the same time, and therefore are not being assessed on the same things. Teachers will review student progress with families during four progress review periods throughout the school year.

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