Notes from the July 26 board meeting

Read about actions taken at the July 26 school board meeting. Find out more by visiting Pattonville's BoardDocs website.

Board Actions

The board of education on July 26:
  • Approved paying $800,463.36 for regular bills;
  • Approved, subject to audit, the financial statements for the month of June 2022;
  • Approved paying $11,176 to Missouri School Boards' Association for annual membership dues;
  • Approved paying $9,000 to Diligent for BoardDocs Pro services the the 2022-2023 school year;
  • Approved paying $436.50 to Tueth, Keeney, Cooper, Mohan & Jackstadt for legal services;
  • Approved, as lodged for action on June 14, revisions to policy IIAC-R (Instructional Media Centers/School Libraries);
  • Approved, as lodged for action on June 14, revisions to Pattonville School District's 2022-2023 Student Behavior Guides;
  • Approved the renewal of the annual district fiber optic WAN services agreement with Clearwave Communications for an estimated amount of $119,000;
  • Awarded the one-year bid for elevator maintenance to Kone, Inc., for $16,578;
  • Approved the renewal of the annual Mitel software assurance system and support agreement with Vertical Communications Inc., for an estimated amount of $12,816.76;
  • Approved the purchase of copy paper for the 2022-2023 school year from Office Essentials for $44,688;
  • Approved the annual renewal of the support subscriptions for BusinessPlus agreement with PowerSchool Inc., for $49,287.12;
  • Approved the purchase and installation of 5) combination student desks from EducationPlus, c/o CI Select, for $15,224.25;
  • Approved the agreement of customized professional learning - coaching cycles to Cooperative Educational Services Agency (CESA #!) for $88,150;
  • Approved the agreement for skillful observation and meaningful feedback coaching labs to Patty Corum, LLC for $44,000;
  • Approved the renewal of the district's health insurance for the 2023 fiscal school year at the renewal rates presented; and
  • Approved the annual renewal for the Employee Assistance Program with Preferred Resource Network Inc., doing business as Personal Assistance Services (PAS), for $1.65 per employee per month.
New Hires
  • Kayin Bateman, evening custodian, Holman
  • Elizabeth Belter, math teacher, Holman
  • Joanna Brent, social worker, Drummond
  • Larenza Campbell, clerk, Holman
  • Angellica Chacin, cook, Parkwood
  • ​​Jordan Fluegge, paraprofessional, early childhood
  • Teresa Godina, Spanish teacher, Heights
  • Melinda Hall, secretary, high school
  • Sarah Hanks, cook, high school
  • Alison Hogan, student services secretary, Learning Center
  • Colleen Keane, paraprofessional, Parkwood
  • Jeremiah Koslow, evening custodian, Bridgeway
  • Melissa Leedle, Title I elementary classroom interventionist, Parkwood
  • Veronica Maldonado, cook, Remington
  • Samantha Mauer, secretary, Holman
  • Jacqlynn Nardelli-Sanchez​, elementary teacher, Parkwood
  • Jennifer Scarff, paraprofessional, early childhood