Heights teachers host book tasting event for students

Pattonville Heights Middle School students in sixth grade English language arts classes were invited to a “book tasting” last week to introduce them to different reading genres.

The teachers — Chelsea Bowles and Emily Weber along with teacher librarian Julie Harder — provided a fun and engaging way for students to explore new books.

The students rotated tables to explore a variety of genres before getting the opportunity to check out a book. 

“They were able to choose where they started by filling out a reservation form last week for the genre they most wanted to look at,” Bowles said. “We didn't let them choose the second table because we wanted them to at least look at books that they may not look at normally.”

Students were provided a book tasting menu to jot down their reactions and reflections after sampling each book. As they were actively previewing a book, the teachers served students a tiny treat of pretzels or Goldfish. 

“They got a chance to rate the book after looking at the cover, reading a few pages and explaining why or why it did not interest them,” Bowles said. “I think several students were able to find something they liked.”

Every student was able to check out a book before leaving the library, and in some classes, several books from the tables were selected.

“We're trying to really limit reading on their iPads,” she said. “We encourage them to get library books so they have something when it’s time to read in class, and we do that every day for 10 minutes.”

Photos: https://pattonvillesd.smugmug.com/2022-2023/HTS-Book-Tasting/

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