Update from the superintendent - virtual learning days


Dear Pattonville families and staff,

We want to make you aware of two important changes to our calendars for the remainder of the first semester. Next week, there are no classes from Nov. 25 through 27. With Monday, Nov. 23, being our normal virtual learning day, we have decided to switch Tuesday, Nov. 24, from an in-person day for students with the last name A-K to a 100% virtual learning day for all students. This will help balance out instruction and allow every student to have two days of instruction next week. We will use this same structure next month for the days leading up to winter break. Monday, Dec. 21 will be our normal virtual learning day, and Tuesday, Dec. 22, will be changed to a 100% virtual learning day for all students instead of in-person for some students. Below is a summary of these dates.

We expect to begin the second semester in phase 2 of in-person learning, continuing the learning structure we are currently using. However, as with all things related to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we know things can always change. If that happens, we will notify you as soon as we are able.

The last nine months have been a challenging time for everyone, but as we approach our Thanksgiving break, we have many things in Pattonville for which to be grateful. We are thankful for our incredible students, staff and families, and we are grateful to be in a school district and a community where everyone works together for the good of our students. We wish everyone a relaxing, safe and healthy break.

Tim Pecoraro, Ed.D.


Virtual Learning