Students use food as a tool to learn about science

You can't play with your food, but there's no rule about learning with it. Students at Rose Acres Elementary School, Holman Middle School and Pattonville High School all used food as part of lessons today.
Students in Tracey Robinson's PEGS class at Rose Acres are using hydroponic towers to grow produce that will be used in the school's cafeteria and for the school's backpack program.
Seventh graders at Holman Middle School used different colored lasers and gummy bears in Natalie Walker’s Challenge Science class to learn more about wave transmission and absorption. They determined when the color of the laser matches the color of the gummy bear, more light is transmitted.
High school students in Erin Mulanax's AP Physics class reviewed for their DC circuits unit test by calculating the average resistance of a hot dog and concluding how a current flowing through a conductor is similar or analogous to a beverage being sipped through a straw.
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