Interested in Pattonville history? New website available

For local residents and history buffs interested in learning more about the origins of the Pattonville School District or its evolution over time, Pattonville recently launched a new history website. The new website was developed by Pattonville’s school-community relations department using research from a Pattonville history book, as well as information from archived newsletters and other historical documents.

The website also includes a video where visitors can test their Pattonville history knowledge. The Pattonville School District has a long history in the region. Its roots can be traced back to the 1800s when the first public school was established in what is now Bridgeton. The Pattonville School District officially came into being in 1930 when an April election changed the Fee Fee District No. 16 from a “rural” to a “town” school status. That year, the new district board dubbed the organization the “School District of Pattonville, St. Louis County.” The district’s name originated in 1876 when the government granted the Fee Fee community a post office and placed it in the Patton General Store (near the corner of Fee Fee and St. Charles Rock Road). John R. A. Patton was named the new postmaster. At the time, the name of the community was changed to Pattonville. Find out more by visiting the new website at